Over the past couple months I have been /QUIETLY/ learning new things. I say quietly because I haven’t mentioned anything about it here.

I have taken two online classes from a site called Skillshare ( The first was a viral marketing type class, it gave me a brief look into how I may need to market the things I would like to produce in the future, needless to say it was a great learning experience.

The most recent class was a 4 week game development class. A tool called PlayMaker! for the Unity 3D development program. This is a 3rd party tool that allows rapid development of prototyping games without diving heavily into code. You can check out the Visual Scripting tool here .

This tool is fantastic, it has allowed me to test systems in unity out, without having to hard code it all in, saving me time, and most of all head aches(being someone who is still learning C#).

I have a goal in mind, and Playmaker may just allow me to race for the finish line. There is much work to be done, hard work, and I think my body is ready!

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