Space Adventure(2)

Just a quick update today(Still such rubbish with doing these updates, I swear I’ll do better some day!)

So I have place holders in for some Enemy ship, I have a simple patrol set up for a small squad of fighter enemies, and a ‘mother ship’ home base that they are a part of. Fun times! not much to show this time around just a lot of boxes and more boxes !

Space Adventure


It is amazing having an artist in the home. It really is. I came home to a surprise asset for my little project. It was an Asteroid!!!! I mean I was using some silly plain cylinders for testing purposes but this is amazing! I was also honered with a new  star field instead of that generic dark cloudy  sky box I had been using. SO not as much progress has been made since my last post, but honestly that is ok.

I am really trying to dive in and tune up the keyboard controls, I’m shooting some something similar in control to the old Colony Wars game on the PS1. So while smaller advancements like  reloading the level when all the asteroids are destroyed or being able to shoot the asteroids is nice, I am glad I am putting some extra time into the controls.

So there we have it still early assets (except for the asteroids, those are amazing XD) but  we have space flight, asteroid shooting and a star field, we almost have a game!


Just the other day I said I would be back, this time with something possibly different from Kitsu-ga! Well today is going to be a little different. I love games, and as I am learning, should have spent more time in my younger days developing the skills I am trying to learn now. But that is neither here nor there at this point. the fact remains I love games.

So I’d like to show off something completely different  this time.


This little project comes from another one of the things I love, space. When I first started on this project I was using a basic sphere and cube latched together as my ‘ship’, but the great thing about living with a 3D artist is that I came home the next day and I had a rough space ship to start using instead, the textures I pulled from some random Unity sample and viola.

It was a kick in my butt honestly, to keep going. and well  I have. What started as a way to test out some more functions in playmaker has developed into something pretty neat. While I continue to fine tune the controls, this little space adventure might just be what I bring with me to PAX Dev this year.


In my last post I mentioned diving head first into a visual scripting tool for Unity 3D. THe tool is called Playmaker! and I am in love.

I continue to learn code(C#) to grow my skill set, but I keep returning to playmaker as a tool to prototype and visualize an idea withlittle code. During the Playmaker class I practiced on some assets my fiancee had made for a small project we had been talking about.
Kitsu-ga is the name of that title, the idea for this game, is a 3rd person stealth adventure game.


Kitsu_stealth_1 Kitsu_notes_1



Some rough assets and a taste for the nostalgic, I set out to start creating the systems that would be needed to make Kitsu-ga feel awesome. As you can see in the pictures
there are a few things I am doing, a visual reference to a stealth mode able to be toggled on/off with a key press, intractable objects, and pickups.


Have I said I love Playmaker? I know the basics for Javascript and C# and I mean the basics, so having something to help me see what I am trying to make, it helps me start putting my thoughts into proper code.


So thats a little bit with what I have been up to, I’ll have  more to show soon, it just might not be more on Kitsu-ga.


Until Next time!