In my last post I mentioned diving head first into a visual scripting tool for Unity 3D. THe tool is called Playmaker! and I am in love.

I continue to learn code(C#) to grow my skill set, but I keep returning to playmaker as a tool to prototype and visualize an idea withlittle code. During the Playmaker class I practiced on some assets my fiancee had made for a small project we had been talking about.
Kitsu-ga is the name of that title, the idea for this game, is a 3rd person stealth adventure game.


Kitsu_stealth_1 Kitsu_notes_1



Some rough assets and a taste for the nostalgic, I set out to start creating the systems that would be needed to make Kitsu-ga feel awesome. As you can see in the pictures
there are a few things I am doing, a visual reference to a stealth mode able to be toggled on/off with a key press, intractable objects, and pickups.


Have I said I love Playmaker? I know the basics for Javascript and C# and I mean the basics, so having something to help me see what I am trying to make, it helps me start putting my thoughts into proper code.


So thats a little bit with what I have been up to, I’ll have  more to show soon, it just might not be more on Kitsu-ga.


Until Next time!

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