Just the other day I said I would be back, this time with something possibly different from Kitsu-ga! Well today is going to be a little different. I love games, and as I am learning, should have spent more time in my younger days developing the skills I am trying to learn now. But that is neither here nor there at this point. the fact remains I love games.

So I’d like to show off something completely different  this time.


This little project comes from another one of the things I love, space. When I first started on this project I was using a basic sphere and cube latched together as my ‘ship’, but the great thing about living with a 3D artist is that I came home the next day and I had a rough space ship to start using instead, the textures I pulled from some random Unity sample and viola.

It was a kick in my butt honestly, to keep going. and well  I have. What started as a way to test out some more functions in playmaker has developed into something pretty neat. While I continue to fine tune the controls, this little space adventure might just be what I bring with me to PAX Dev this year.

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