Space Adventure(3)

SO I’ve started cleaning a few of my systems up trying to get a smooth set of systems going before I jump into some of the features I would like to try and add.  You can check out a quick web build i’ve done here . Since making the build I’ve tweeked the place holders for the ‘mothership’ and her fighters. I need to implement a particle system to help with the visual signs of motion and drag/slow down. I also feel  that the timing on my shop slow down is a little fast/abrupt so I will be tweeking the timing on that.

I wanted to do a 3rd person ship at first but after living in First view for development it has really grown on me, and I am going to lock it into a cockpit view style game, with that I will be looking in to making a kick butt  cockpit view with system consoles and all that sorta stuff  Designing a game is an interesting process, I am looking forward to touching up my Enemy AI in the near future to see what i can pull off , get a little space dog fight going on soon or something.

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