(Lost) In Space(4)

So I mentioned a while back that I would share a bit more about the Space things I had been working on. So that is what I am going to do! First off Is a video  showing off the entire demo. Since creating this video I have tweaked the mission layout and structure. As always this video is not representative of final product, it is still in pre-alpha phase, but I like sharing, so here we go! Space_Demo Space_1 Space_2 Space_3 Space_4 Space_5 Space_6 So Diving into this project, I did not keep myself in check, my scope blew out of control. The first concept for this game was to make something like the old Colony Wars games from the PlayStation 1 Era. While getting my ship controls together, I let my brain free, and started adding exploration into the mix. Now this is not a /bad/ thing from an idea perspective, but I had already put a lot on my plate, I was already running into issues with my enemy Ship AI and mechanics, and here I was putting new ideas into the project.   I took some time to evaluate what I was doing, and after a few attempts to decided to make exploration the highlight of this project, yes out the door was my ‘ lets bring back an awesome old game’ and in was lets explore! So I set off on my adventure. Ship controls were Smooth especially after I switched from keyboard controls to an actual game pad. Other systems were coming along and then I had 1 week until Ludum Dare, I had to finish up my systems and level  if I was even going to attempt Ludum. Thankfully I got to a good place, baring some visuals, I had a playable demo! While I don’t need to write out some giant Game Design Document, I do need to keep the scale and scope of my project in check, and digging into AI a bit more would be beneficial to future projects. Overall this project  turned out nicely and while I need to step away from it for a while, I would like to come back to it in the near future!

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